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Resolve oR transform your conflict 

through mediation

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why mediation?

Mediation is a respectful and constructive alternative for handling conflicts. It's a quick, inexpensive and peaceful process compared to going to court. It focuses on the future and on the maintenance or reparation of the relationship between parties, both on a professional and on a personal level. 


The mediation process is voluntary, confidential, participative and non-adversarial and is based on respect and dialogue. Mediation also fosters the autonomy and agency of the parties, focuses on a 'win-win' result and achieves lasting agreements.

How DO I help?

As a mediator, I help the parties to communicate in a peaceful and respectful manner. The process is informal, collaborative and constructive, adapted to the needs of either one. I help to find mutual understanding in an impartial and neutral way, and if possible a mutually acceptable agreement. 

how does it work?

Every dispute is different. We adapt the process and the sessions to the parties' needs, the distance between them, the available time and the urgency of the case.

I offer mediation and co-mediation sessions, face-to-face, by phone or by video conference. Sessions can be joint or separate, adapted to your situation and needs. 


I will be happy to explain the whole mediation process in detail, without any obligations. 



I am fascinated by the power of language and stories, and I am passionate about peaceful communication. 

I have a degree in classical philology and a degree in Civil, Commercial and Family Mediation. I am registered as a mediator at the Catalonian Mediation Centre. 

I speak Dutch, English, Spanish and Catalan, as well as some German, French and Italian. 

I have been living in Barcelona since 2003. 

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